Module: Config

The following is an example of Config literal that can be set in advance when creating a Remon object.

 credential: {
   key: '',
   serviceId: ''
 view: {
   local: 'localVideoTag',
   remote: 'remoteVideoTag',
   localStream: 'externalStreamId',
 media: {
   video: {},
   audio: {},
   screen: {}
 rtc: {
   audioType: '[voice|music]',
   simulcast: bool,
 sdk: {
   logLevel: '[ERROR|WARN|INFO|DEBUG]'
  • credential: Must be filled in to use the Remon SDK. You need to register the RemoteMonster with the serviceId and key you receive. If this item is missing, it can be used for testing or development purposes.
  • view: Enter the id value of the video tag to represent the local and remote streams on the web page in 'local' and 'remote', respectively. If you don't get local stream through camera but get screen capture screen or stream through canvas, you can input the stream's id to localStream instead of 'local'.
  • media: You can set several options for getting a local stream. The video tag is for getting a local camera and the audio tag is for getting a local microphone. The screen tag is an option you can use to capture the screen. Details of each option are available at and See getDisplayMedia.
  • rtc: You can set various rtc related options. audioType may determine whether or not the sound of local audio is heard well. If simulcast is set to true, the receiver sends out various quality images so that the receiver can select the desired quality images. If you want to use a TURN server only communication, you can use the selectiveCandidate config.